Did you know… ?


… about an unusual MW student’s guide to remembering appellations and grape varieties?

… that this harvest season, more wineries are discovering social media and online shopping sites? Read more about the better way to buy wine.

… that investing in wine lacks liquidity. Find out more here.

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Did you know… ?


…about the growing wine market in India? As the second largest wine producer in the US after California, Washington produces highly-rated wines that come with the lowest average price. For a couple of years wineries from Washington have been doing business in India now due to the market’s high potential. Read more about the wine industry in India.

…that one glass of wine (4 ounces) contains 80 to 100 calories? Lighter wine tends to have more calories than heavier wines. Read more about if wine is fattening.

that Miller is trying to buy Fosters? ABMiller has announced its intention to launch a hostile AU$9.5 billion takeover bid for Australian brewer Foster’s. Read more about Miller’s plans.

that AC/DC entered the wine business. The rock band recently launched its own wine label. Learn more about the AC/DC vintage.

…that the spicier the food the sweeter the wine you enjoy should be? There is indeed a challenge with Asian or Indian food when it comes to the right wine pairing. It is the soy sauce, ginger or the intense spiciness of the dishes – some wines just don’t go with this kind of food. The best is to select a fruity and soft wine, since it will tame heat. Read more about Pairing Wine with Asian Cuisine.

about the many great wineries in Paso Robles, California? Paso Robles, located three hours south of San Francisco “in the middle of nowhere” close to the beach with plenty of wineries and vineyards. Keep reading if you would like to know more about the excellent Californian wines.

…that the American Wine Group buys Australian Loxton? The Wine Group LLC of San Francisco just announced that it was buying Australia’s fourth largest winery Loxton, Australia’s fourth largest winery. The deal will probably be closed on August 18th. Read more about The Wine Group’s plans in Australia.

…younger people prefer sweet wine? Who are the fans of sweet red wine? People who are a little more open to trying something new, who associate the wine with fun. younger, primarily female but with a significant percentage of males, also young, adventurous and willing to try new wines. Read more about sweet wine and dry wine drinkers.

about the about the sweet pairing of dessers with wine? Whether a beautiful bowl of bright red strawberries, a creamy dish of tangy mango sorbet, or a classic grilled pound cake with peaches and cream – let the wine shine with these desserts.

…Champagne increases yields by 20% to cope with demand? The optimistic forecast says Champagne sales would grow 2% annually over the coming three years. Consequently the region’s trade body has set the harvest limit at 12,500 kg/ha compared to 10,500 kg/ha in 2010. Read more about increasing Champagne sales.

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