About The Blog

Our Blog will updated as often as is physically possible. We hope this will be every single day.

It will be filled with lots of information, news and stories about the world of wine for you to enjoy and for you to hopefully learn from.

Our aim is that by researching and writing on our blog we will learn too!  We think of it as sharing our class notes about a really interesting subject that we are passionate about.

So we will have weekly features which will hopefully keep you interested and entertained as well as general news and stories

 Thursday’s Wine Class – 

 A summary of everything we have learn’t and experienced during the previous week. A great place to pick up information tips and tricks from the world of wine.

 Tweets on Tuesday –   

A round up of the weeks tweets about wine including celebrity tweets and interesting news from the wine world

 Five for Friday’s – 

 5 recommended wines we have researched that we feel you should know about. A great place to start the weekend!

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