Live longer with red wine

Every now and then you can read that one glass of red wine every day won’t harm and is even seen as recommendable and healthy.

The latest and probably most spectacular findings are that red wine is good for astronauts in the orbit. Normally astronauts wouldn’t have any alcohol around but researchers found a few sips every now and then might be good for their health. The ill effect of long-lasting weightlessness on the human body could be prevented with red wine.

So what is it that makes red wine that healthy?  It is grapevine stalk (resveratrol) that occurs highly concentrated in the skin of red grapes. This element can have amazing benefits. It belongs to the class of antibiotic compounds produced as a part of a plant’s defence system against disease. It is said to be an antioxidant, anti-cancer agent, and treats heart, blood vessels and liver diseases. Furthermore red wine contains anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

This compound may also prevent the negative effects of being a couch potato. Sedentary people that are not moving around enough or whose body suffer a lack of physical activity can get help with red wine. So instead of going to the gym you can just sit in front of the TV and sip your red wine? Well, not really but it can slow deterioration until someone can get moving again and is an extension to a healthy lifestyle.

Moderate alcohol consumption is included by researchers as one of the “eight proven ways to reduce coronary heart disease risk. Especially red wine is the most beneficial to heart health. It can drop down your heart rate and blood pressure.

Resveratrol is said to prevent muscle loss, bone mineral density or insulin resistance. This would especially benefit those with high level of diabetes.


Red wine can even do something for smokers. Moderate consuming red wine can negate the harmful effects of smoking. A study concludes that wine has the ability to reduce the detrimental effect that smoking causes in the part called endothelium.

Resveratrol, when tested on animals, prevented “the growth of some cancers in mice, inhibits enzymes that cause inflammation, shrinks tumours and increases blood flow, thus reducing cardiovascular diseases. In many cases, it also extends the life of obese animals.

Red wine is also indicated to have anti-aging properties. That’s probably the reason for the production of this skin care line “Clearing Out My Wine Cellar”, an exfoliating treatment spiked with red wines and grapes cultivated from a New Mexico vineyard. It shall scrub away scales, prepares pores and skin for shaving and can also be used as a face mask. Additionally to anti-aging benefits contents in red wine even offer some UV protection. Interesting: this product is directly targeted at men. Why not at women? I think at the end it will have the same effects for both….

Grapevine stalk (resveratrol) is a fantastic anti-wrinkle and firming ingredient for the skin.
So this product can help you age a little more gracefully. Very high concentrations of resveratrol significantly extend life by preventing a number of age related illnesses (that doesn’t mean you should down a whole bottle of wine now). The question how much wine someone has to drink to attain the anti-aging benefits was answered by a researcher with “1,000 bottles.”

Drinking red wine can actually supports longevity and just general wellbeing. With prospect of a long life, you can now lean back and enjoy a glass.

Off course this is all about moderately drinking wine every now and then and it only goes together with an appropriate healthy lifestyle. It is more beneficial to associate healthy lifestyles with wine drinking to protect against diseases and fast aging than only drinking wine by itself.

Only regular, moderate consumption of red wine is beneficial to your health and too much alcohol can have many harmful effects on your body.

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