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We have added the Facebook “Like” button to all our wines.

Yes of course this a promotional tool and we would love you all to “Like” lots of our wines, but there is method in our madness.

We will be expanding our range of wines in stock on Wines Made Easy, based on what people are liking on our website.

So get liking our wines and we will return the favour by stocking the wines you like!


What Wines do you have


We have a vast range of wines available on the site. Everything from the wines you will find in your local supermarket on to the more unusual and lesser known brands. We hope to cover several different types of customers.

The way we see it:

There are 4 different types of wine drinkers out there

1. The Person who drinks wine and likes it.

This is where the vast majority of people sit. They buy wine, because the enjoy it. They don’t neccessarily know anything about wine but they know what they like and they sometimes step outside their comfort zone and try what their friends are drinking or what’s on special offer or what is in an ad or TV show.

2. “When I was on a Wine Course…” Guy

They reach for the wine list, browse the collection of wines and pick the one they know based on how much they can talk about it.

3. The Experts

The problem I have with the experts is they tend for the most part to make things over complicated. Maybe I am wrong about this and If I am I will apologise in the future when I know more. I will also point out the good ones when I find them!

4. The Novice

The person who knows nothing and feels a little intimidated by a wine list. Why? You shouldn’t be. Wine is really simple. If you like it and enjoy it, then it’s good for you. And thats all that matters. Hoefully our site can cut through the haze and help you understand wine more so as you feel more confident in choosing wine the next time your in a restaurant.

So you know nothing about wine?


Me too! (Eamonn here) I don’t even drink the stuff normally myself. But that’s all about to change.

So why are you doing this? I want to find out what all the fuss is about. I want to learn about wine. I’m looking for a new hobby that will bring me to nice weather in the summer. I want to undertand the history of wine. I want to find out about who is behind these amazing wineries.

The Irish Connection:

On a personal note I want to discover the deep rooted Irish connection to the wine industry. Names like Waterford, Lynch & Clancy….. There has to be an amazing Irish deep rooted connection here. I want to learn about it. I want to know about the adventure and the explorer Irish instict similar to the Irish Gold Rush miners in Australia and the US hundreds of years ago. I want to find Irish decendents who have set up wineries and discover why and how they got into something so interesting.

The Business

I am also really keen to learn about one of the finest industries in the world. I am passionate about learning how the business works, how a vineyard in South Africa or Tasmania can product, bottle and distribute wine to somewhere like Ireland and sell it in Lidl, Tesco’s or Dunnes Stores for €5. How can this happen? How does anyone other than the government make money out of it? Why would you do that to your own product? Who makes the money?

A Hobby

I need a new hobby. Life changes, and I’m changing with it. I am getting older, more settled and more content with life by the hour. Wine is the perfect hobby. It will encourage me to research something new, something challenging and something very diverse. I am looking forward to meeting wine makers, vineyard owners and other interesting characters along the way. I hope to visit interesting places I haven’t been to before. I want to learn about how the industry is changing and why it is. I want to discover new sources of wine, understand “New World Wine” and better appreciate what is so great about old world wine.

The Old School Wine Critics

I can’t comment on wine tasters, cellarmasters or current wine critics, because I don’t appreciate what it is the do. I hope to grow and understanding as to why critics often over complicate something which appears to be so simple. I want to teach my pallet about wine, and better appreciate or dismiss critics comments based on my own observations as well as the observations of our readers, viewers and customers.

Interaction, Feedback, Discussion & Comments

More than anything I want this site to be an open forum and area for interaction with our followers. I hope to gain your opinions on our site and I would encourage you all to get involved. The strength of our site is in your hands. It’s up to us to encourage you to get involved. Which we hope to do in the coming months.

A Business reason to visit Australia

Having lived in Australia for several years, I needed to find a business reason to travel back as often as I possibly can. What better excuse to visit the amazing wineries around Australia.

People might be of the opinion that you should only get involved in a business which you know about. I have to say that I disagree with this entirely. I think that you should get involved with something you have an intense interest and passion about. Wine is that Passion for me. I may know nothing at the moment but I hope to learn as I go and I hope you will join us on this journey so that together we can learn, enjoy and appreciate wine over the coming years.

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